KXD OS based on Android

Ordinary road, extraordinary journey — the path of KXD OS

The current mobile phone market is extremely competitive. Configuration is not enough, as users now pay more attention to the user experience. Only a perfect experience can retain users and turn users into brand fans. As the brand that always puts the user experience first, KXD mobile has been investing heavily in software research and development. The KXD OS that comes with KXD mobile phone is the most important achievement of KXD mobile in software development. Read more

KXD W50 Mobile

KXD Offer All-Around Best Budget Smartphone KXD W50

To Stir Things Up, KXD Mobile Offer All-Around Best Budget Smartphone KXD W50 for Only INR4099. Indian market is getting more and more competitive than ever. With so many mobile brands pouring into this potential market, consumers have much more choices but also more difficulties in choosing the right phone. For example, even in low-end market, there are hundreds of models with slightly small difference. It is hard to find a perfect entry-level phone because of limited cost. Read more

KXD W55—Low-End Smartphone with High-End Design

KXD W55—Low-end Smartphone with High-End Design

In May 2018, KXD released a low-end smartphone with high-end design and enhanced speaker, its name is KXD W55. The KXD W55 features a 5.5-inch display with up to 75% screen-to-body ratio. It is smaller than iPhone 8 Plus. And the whole body of W55 is based on ergonomic design. The round corners and smooth curves provide excellent holding experience. To avoid slipperiness and add more attraction to the back cover, KXD created metallic brush which makes the phone more stylish and beautiful. Moreover, there are 4 vibrant colors for W55—blue, red, gold and black. Read more

KXD K10 Full Screen Premium Flagship SmartPhone Review

KXD K10 Full Screen Premium Flagship SmartPhone Review

2018 was a great year for KXD, In India, the KXD’s biggest market outside of China, KXD became the biggest budget smartphone vendor towards the end of the year. And KXD Celebrates a Successful Q3 for Indian Market with Clients in last week. And KXD has released about 7 mobile smartphones in 2018, and the KXD K10 is the the Chinese OEM aims to continue that momentum at the top. Now let’s know more about KXD K10.

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