Which Phone Has the Best Battery Life 2018

Which Phone Has the Best Battery Life 2018?

What are the key factors that influence your decision when purchasing a mobile phone? Well, smartphone with longest battery life is one the most ones. Ever since we use smartphones as daily driver, we face battery problem everyday. It seems the battery technology is stuck in here without any obvious progress. We haven’t seen a breakthrough in battery life. For most smartphones, they still need to be charged at least once a day or even twice a day. No wonder there are huge demands for power bank. Some companies are working on new battery materials that can boost battery life. Maybe we can say goodbye to power bank. Read more

KXD super budget mobile phone W50

KXD Mobile Launch 2 Super Budget Smartphones on Amazon for Only INR4099 and INR4299

Established in 2007, KXD is a mobile phone manufacturer from China with a decade of experience in African market. The core strength of KXD’s communications products come from its emphasis on R&D and technology. At present, KXD owns several large-scale R&D laboratories in China with more than 100 R&D teams and more than 300 patents in the communications field. Read more

KXD W55—Low-End Smartphone with High-End Design

KXD W55—Low-end Smartphone with High-End Design

In May 2018, KXD released a low-end smartphone with high-end design and enhanced speaker, its name is KXD W55. The KXD W55 features a 5.5-inch display with up to 75% screen-to-body ratio. It is smaller than iPhone 8 Plus. And the whole body of W55 is based on ergonomic design. The round corners and smooth curves provide excellent holding experience. To avoid slipperiness and add more attraction to the back cover, KXD created metallic brush which makes the phone more stylish and beautiful. Moreover, there are 4 vibrant colors for W55—blue, red, gold and black. Read more

Best Budget Android Mobile Smartphone 2018

Best Budget Android Mobile Smartphone 2018 in India

Many new smartphones were released in 2018 by each mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Their smartphone’s design, performance, hardware or others are really very good, but the price is also very expensive, if you are looking for a low budget smartphone, those brands’ mobile phones are not good choice. Though they have many budget phoneswere released, but there are too more to choose, and with their brand influence, your smartphone may not good value for money, so how to choose a best low budget smartphone in 2018? KXD will give you a all-round buying guide for budget android smartphone. We’ve collected seven excellent budget phones for you to choose from, we’ve also included some handy buying advice to help you find the best cheap smartphone for you. Read more

KXD K10 Full Screen Premium Flagship SmartPhone Review

KXD K10 Full Screen Premium Flagship SmartPhone Review

2018 was a great year for KXD, In India, the KXD’s biggest market outside of China, KXD became the biggest budget smartphone vendor towards the end of the year. And KXD Celebrates a Successful Q3 for Indian Market with Clients in last week. And KXD has released about 7 mobile smartphones in 2018, and the KXD K10 is the the Chinese OEM aims to continue that momentum at the top. Now let’s know more about KXD K10.

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