KXD Price Protection Policy

As the market price fluctuates, the goods prices of KXD will have changes such as price increases, price cuts or concessions every day. If the price has changed after the order is completed, you can apply for price protection here. After reviewed and approved by our customer service personnel, we will refund you the overpayment or refund the corresponding balance to your account.

You can apply for price protection before the order is signed or within 30 days after the order is signed. After a successful application, you can pay according to the price at the time of submitting the application if you have not paid for the goods. If the payment has already been made, price difference will be returned to your balance account.


1.Price protection doesn’t cover orders of suite products, installment payments and orders with gifts endowment.

2.Price protection doesn’t cover products which are promoted through flash sales or limited sales.

3.Price protection doesn’t cover favorable orders in which gifts or money were given when the order exceeded a certain amount.

4.Price protection doesn’t cover orders which were paid by cash coupon.

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