Dual cameras are one of the trends of today’s mobile smartphones, along with 18:9 full screen mobile phones, and they have became more and more popular in Asia, especial in India mobile phone market.

dual camera phone refers to a smartphone which has dual cameras on the rear. The built in dual camera is actually a dual lens camera which is also called stereo cameraand makes the picture more vivid and detailed. Double camera helps in focusing better on objects, both camera capture image from their perspective and then are merged and this helps in changing focus or better depth perception, and they will provide a good photography experience for users, maybe that’s why people like dual camera mobile phones.

KXD has released five dual camera mobile phones in 2018, and there’s more than one kind of dual camera on KXD. Let’s take a look at the different types of dual camera sets, and you can know more specs, features or price about KXD dual rear camera phones.

KXD dual camera phones list in 2018:


You can check the KXD dual camera mobile phone detail specifications below:

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