Return postage instructions

Date: 2015-04-23
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Return postage instructions

Due to the seller's fault and return, Luan Xinda shall bear the corresponding freight;

If the seller has no fault with the return, the postage at the time of return is referred to as follows:

With regard to the "return promise" freight problem, that is, the buyer's personal reasons initiated return behavior:

1) Merchant shipping products, shipping costs need to bear rhino cloud, return shipping commitments to set the return commitment;

2) The principle of acceptance of non-shipping goods, shipping charges and return shipping charges for merchants shall be subject to the return commitment.


Regarding non-seven-day return/non-return promise shipping issues, that is, the return behavior initiated by the buyer's personal reasons:

Xin Xinda agrees that the buyer has no reason to return the request. The shipping/non-postage is borne by the buyer. However, if the buyer disputes the shipping price, Xin Xinda needs to cooperate with the relevant freight certification (such as Valid invoices for prices, shipping orders, etc.)

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