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Music tips and tricks

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    • Phone does not recognize SIM card
    • Recruits number: People
    • 2018-03-29
    • Job nature:

    1. Turn off the mobile phone flight mode and turn on the observation;

    2. Re-plug the SIM card to ensure good contact between the SIM card and the mobile phone;

    3. If you use a dual card, please open the closed SIM card switch in the mobile phone SIM card management;

    3, if conditions allow, please replace the support system phone SIM card or normal function without damage to the SIM card contrast;

    4, backup mobile data (phone numbers, text messages and photos, etc.) to restore factory settings or brush processing;

    The above method can not be solved, please back up the mobile phone data, carry your mobile phone invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to the nearest local KXD customer service center for testing and resolution.

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