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    • Deal with mobile phone crash
    • Recruits number: People
    • 2013-11-30
    • Job nature:

    If mobile phone crash occurs while using, forced shutdown the mobile phone, then long-press the power button again to see if it can be turned on. If not, bring your invoices, warranty card and mobile phones to the closest KXD customer service center for testing. If the phone can be turned on, we recommend the following:

    • Sudden restart
    • Recruits number: People
    • 2018-03-29
    • Job nature:

    Reason :

    Sudden restart during the use of Android phone. Only the mobile phone has a complicated operating system and various application software. The software may run abnormally and cause the phone to restart.

    Solution :

    Do not restart frequently. If it is not restarted frequently or must be restarted under certain operations, it may be normal.

    • Black screen, unable to light the screen
    • Recruits number: People
    • 2018-03-29
    • Job nature:

    It is recommended to try long press the power button + volume plus key 8s forced shutdown (long press the power button 10s), and then restart the phone;

    If you are unable to solve your problem, please bring your purchase invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to the nearest EL Customer Service Center for testing. If the black screen disappears after the restart, it is recommended to optimize the phone as follows:

    1, the mobile phone system cache too much, it is recommended to clear the system cache;

    2, check whether the use of a software often appear black screen, if there is a suggestion to enter the settings - the application to uninstall the software to see if it improves;

    3, backup data (such as contacts, multimedia files, etc.), restore the factory settings.

    • File cannot be saved, lack of space
    • Recruits number: People
    • 2018-03-29
    • Job nature:

    The cause of the lack of mobile storage space and the solution

    If your phone is running out of storage space, try the following:

    1. Regularly clean up the files that are not important to the mobile phone;

    2, photos, video more time, you can save it to an external memory card, or upload to the cloud to save;

    3, backup data (contacts, SMS, etc.), restore the factory settings.

    If there is enough free space on the mobile phone to indicate insufficient storage space, you can back up the mobile phone data and take the mobile phone to the local OPPO customer service center for processing.

    • The photos and videos taken are not clear and fuzzy
    • Recruits number: People
    • 2018-03-29
    • Job nature:

    If your phone is blurry while taking pictures, you may want to know the following.


    Camera lens surface is dirty

    The camera lens is oily or dirty. When taking a picture, the screen may appear blurred or foreign matter. You can use a clean cotton cloth and try again.


    Photographing techniques

    You can learn about some of the things you can take while taking photos that can help you take more photos.

    Keep the phone steady while photographing, don't shake it;

    When shooting a moving object, clicks that do not form a focal point may appear blurred. You can use the continuous shooting function to quickly take multiple photos and select the best one for use.

    Photographing is not clear when the focus is not completed. You can tap the photo page to focus, and then take a picture after the focus is successful.

    Photographs in low-light environments will show more noise and the photos will be blurry; the flash can be turned on or enough light sources can be guaranteed.


    understand more

    If your phone is in a blurred state after downloading or upgrading other software, you can uninstall the software and try again. If you do not operate and suddenly appear, you can try the following methods:

    1. Enter settings, application management, find "camera", clear data, and try again;

    2, backup data, download the firmware package to the mobile phone re-brushing system and then try.

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